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Price SnapShot Reports provide you with a detailed report of the daily spot market prices over a 90 day period for an individual grade of scrap materials.

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Types of materials included are:

Battery Recycling Scrap Metal Recycling
Plastic Waste Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Computer & Electronic Recycling Glass Waste Recycling
Wood Recycling Tire Recycling & Rubber Waste
Liquids, Oils/Chemicals Recycling Automotive Recycling
Textile Recycling Compost and Food Waste
Waste Exchange & Byproduct Synergy Waste Paper Recycling

The Price SnapShot Reports purchased can be viewed at any time by logging at www.trashinfo.com. When your Price SnapShot Report expires at the end of your current month, you will be able to continue to log in and view the charts and graphs for the 90 day period in which you purchased.

The Price SnapShot Reports are derived from current spot market prices originating from ScrapIndex.com.

Included in each Report:

  • A month to date chart of daily price activity
  • Previous two (2) months daily price chart & graph
  • At the end of the current month your report will be complete and a graph will be included
  • When available, you will receive both
    Truck-Load and Less-Than-Truck-Load spot market prices
  • Reports ~ $15 / Grade

    Sample of
    Price SnapShot Report

    When you purchase Price SnapShot Reports you will log into one central location to view your reports.

    During the month of your purchase you will be able to see a Month to Date report which will update each day until the end of that month.

    You will also have access to view the charts and graphs for the two Previous Months

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